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Frequently asked questions

Answer:   No, there are some species with shade tolerance but no sod will survive in complete shade. Sod needs sunlight to grow, some sods require more sunlight than others.

Answer:     Depending on the species sod should be mowed minimum bi-weekly for St. Augustine's and some Zoysia's with a rotary mower.  Other species such as finer bladed Zoysia or Bermuda's should be mowed weekly with a real-type lawn mower.

Answer: New sod watering requirements are different from established sod. ALL yards have different environmental conditions and should be adjusted accordingly depending on sunlight, Mother Nature's rainfall, and drainage.  Overwatering can be just as bad as under watering- do not overwater to compensate. Ask us for our new sod watering guide if needed. DO NOT rely on Mother Nature solely or sprinklers as coverage can vary in high winds or sprinkler errors.

Answer: New sod is more susceptible to bugs/fungus, however, even established yards can suffer. We do live in South Florida where bugs and fungus promoting habitats thrive- protect your yard by spraying. We suggest calling a licensed knowledgable YARD spray guy (not the indoor pest control people unless they are well versed in lawns too).


Exceptional quality and customer service! The Sunset Sod team is by far the best in the business.

Christine R., Miami

The talented folks, at Sunset Sod, were extremely helpful in assisting me by planting new lawn, where there had been pretty serious weed and sun damage.  The income property, in South Beach, looks like a whole new property.  Katie was extremely kind and went above and beyond, the call of duty, in helping me on this project!

Korey K., Los Angeles

Sunset Sod did a fabulous job on my yard. I admit that I had my sprinklers fixed before the install and had it spayed for fungus and insects right after...just like they recommended. They are experts so I followed all of their advice and got a great result! I love my yard now!

Ann M., Miami

I cannot say enough about the excellent service I received from the professionals at Sunset Sod. Katie gave me good advice on which type of sod to use, and was so patient and helpful as we figured how much sand and sod to purchase.  They went the extra mile to facilitate a delivery at the last minute because I had help available. This level of service is unusual in Miami and so appreciated! They can expect many referrals from this family!

Jim T., Miami